Patient Success Stories

Helping you achieve wellness and an improved quality of life is a privilege that drives us to do what we do. Here are a few stories from patients who have had success with connective tissue & acupuncture treatment.

"Thank you for the relief you gave when I had a muscle spasm in my back. It was very painful. After 3 visits, it was gone."

- W.G., Woodstock, IL

"Your treatments and care have enabled me to drive my car again! Your care helps me maintain a better mental attitude towards myself and others around me. I count your wonderful skills and treatments among my blessings every day."

- B.G., Williams Bay, WI

"I had been suffering with horrible nerve pain in my face for over 10 years. Dr. Kunkel's treatments enabled me to be a mom to my kids and live my life with minimal pain until I could get surgery done that I needed. I can't even begin to express the gratitude I have for that help. I also had one of the best experiences with a doctor that I've ever had. I was listened to, truthfully told what to expect and was never rushed during my visits. It changed my whole way of thinking about how healthcare really should be. I was so happy with my care that I had my husband who suffered with back pain for years go to Dr. Kunkel."

- L.S., West Dundee, IL

"I had fusion surgery on my back and a year later another revision surgery because I was still having pain. So 2 surgeries later and I still had horrible pain in my back and legs. I tried chiropractors, nerve blocks, epidurals, prescription pain medication and physical therapy all with little to no relief. Dr. Kunkel's treatments really help. Whenever the pain flares up, I go in for a treatment and get more relief than any of the other procedures I've had done. He also recommended me to a great neurosurgeon for evaluation as well and they were able to try an implant for the permanent nerve damage I have as well. Between Dr. Kunkel and the implant, I have my life back."

- G.S., West Dundee, IL

"Dr. Kunkel clearly cares about helping to resolve the health issues that reduce my quality of life. Whereas other doctors are on auto-pilot, Dr. Kunkel is not, and tackles problems from a number of different avenues. "

- J. R., Lake Geneva, WI

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