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Kunkel Healthcare - Eastern & Western Medicine. Connective Tissue Manipulation & Acupuncture in McHenry, IL & Williams Bay, WI

Dr. Andrew Kunkel, D.N., L.Ac.

Dr. Andrew Kunkel, D.N., L.Ac. Acupuncture, Connective Tissue Specialist, McHenry IL, Williams Bay WI

Dr. Andrew T. Kunkel, D.N., L.Ac. Board Certified Doctor of Naprapathy from the Chicago College of Naprapathic Medicine. 

Too often, people are rushed through appointments and given prescriptions or referrals  without knowing why they are having pain in the first place or what to do about it. Dr.  Kunkel’s goal is to leave patients feeling confident they understand their health  concerns and that a plan is in place for their care they are comfortable with. 

Dr. Kunkel has served Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin as a Connective  Tissue Specialist and Acupuncturist for more than two decades. He gets to know each person, taking the time to listen to all that may be contributing to their pain or illness, then uses his knowledge and experience in both Western and Eastern therapies to develop a treatment plan that will help patients reach the next level of health. 

Dr. Andrew T. Kunkel is a Board-Certified Doctor of Naprapthy (Connective Tissue Specialist). His career as a Naprapath began after a sports injury as a young man left him in pain and unable to participate in the sport that defined his life at the time. Dr. Kunkel’s healing journey inspired his mission to provide a high standard of care to each patient - one that would allow them to regain their quality of life without compromise. 

After earning his Doctorate in Naprapathy from the Chicago College of Naprapathic Medicine in 2000, Dr. Kunkel built a successful practice. Meanwhile, he continued his studies to become a Licensed Acupuncturist. Dr. Kunkel received his degree following three rigorous years of coursework and a two-year internship. 

Licensed Acupuncturist is a distinction that requires more than 1,200 classroom hours and over 660 hands-on clinic hours. Not all practitioners of Acupuncture are licensed. Non-licensed practitioners of acupuncture or “dry-needling,” such as MDs, RNs and chiropractors, have only 100 to 300 hours of classroom education and no clinic experience. 

While treatment at Kunkel Healthcare will improve most conditions, if patients have more  complicated underlying health issues or are not finding adequate relief after a few  treatments, Dr. Kunkel has built a trusted network of esteemed specialists for patient  referrals.